Island Hvar

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The island of Hvar is a jewel in the low islands of the Dalmatian archipelago. Its exquisite beauty , history ,geographical location and climate make it an unmissable tourist location on the Mediterranean. Passing through its vineyards, lavender fields, olive gloves, gentle beaches surrounded by blue sky and clean sea, you  will feel the Mediterranean as it once really was and what still is today on this beautiful island.
Island Hvar the island with the most sunshine hours in the Adriatic sea (2718 a year) is in 1997 the choice of traveler magazine selected as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world.

 Its history takes us from prehistoric sites in the Grapčeva špilja (cave ) from the new stone age  (neolithic) 5000-4000 Y.B.C, the first urban settlements in the area of today´s Stari Grad (Pharos) which in 385 years B.C was founded by immigrants from the Greek island of Pharos, the ancient ager from that time that is between Stari Grad and Jelsa- cultural heritage of UNESCO, to the middle ages and the presence of Venice in this area.
The biggest and most important town on the island is Hvar city -tourist top destination of Adriatic coast. With extraordinary beauty and history, Hvar experienced a boom in the middle ages as an important destination on the waterway between Venice and the rest of the Mediterranean. In addition to Hvar and Stari Grad ,the main urban settlements are Jelsa and Vrboska.
Jelsa is situated in the center of the island and its gardens ,beaches and other attractions seems inevitable destination of both individuals and families.
Vrboska with its specific long bay - a place touched by many sailors from all parts of the world.
The island , besides tourism, develops agriculture , wine productions and fishing, which makes it first class gastronomy.Special tourist attractions are steep vineyards of Mali Plavac which descend from the top of mountain down and merge with the sea on the southern slopes of the island.
Coming to this island will feel you with peace,tranquility, pleasure and desire to be back to enjoy its beauty ,history and climate.

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