On the northern coast of the island Hvar in its central part, but in a quiet bay we will find Jelsa.

Emerged as a port town of Pitve in the fifteenth century ,the former naval center has grown into a real tourist oasis.

Arriving by sea two lighthouses ,two guards - Pumpurela and Iga will wish you warm Welcome, on the entrance from the  other side stream and  high trees, on the hill rising above the observatory Tor  and Greektimes Galešnik city from ancient times.

And all around pine trees, vineyards , olive groves and lavender fields.

The noise of Jelsa´s stone streets you can experience in the early afternoon while the beaches are full of people eager for the sun and sea ,while the  town is resting and preparing for an evening filled with many live events.

„Following the Cross“ for Easter on Good Friday when thousands of people visit a place to experience a procession that lasts all night and leads them through a nearby villages, Antun Dobronić nights for those inloved in history, art and general in Jelsa, Dalmatian evenings with folk songs and childrens folklore, Assumption and Wine festival  will leave you breathless .

Tourist boats coming from Makarska, Brela ,Baška Voda, sailboats and yachts in the harbour that  decide to anchor right here, tourists, businessmen, actors, athletes - they all become children of Jelsa, coming again and again because they never get enough of the peace , colors and hospitality of this small town.

Do not miss sitting next to Pjaca , to take a  photo with your friends and family in front of the church St.Ivan from the sixteenth century, to take a walk through Banski Dolac where time stopped and all around you can see Latin inscriptions on the houses telling you stories from past times, dont miss to sneak into the park where the palm trees and stream are whispering to  you that Jelsa is a place where you certainly must come back to.

Do not forget to climb to the top, to Hum St. Nikola which will leave you breathless while observing the surrounding villages, pick a bouquet of lavender, rosemary and sage  to be able to enjoy its scent when you sit on the terrace  of your apartment, dont go back home without going swimming  at one of our beautiful beaches.

Just be like the  seagulls that follow  for the ships , but stay here because Jelsa is the place to persuade you to visit it, to spend your precious time here and eagerly wait when you will be able to return ...

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