In one of the safest Adriatic fjord-like bays, which is one and a half nautical miles long lies Vrboska.
Known as a LITTLE VENICE because of the numerous bridges and houses lined up along the channel ,whose expressions is reflected in the sea, the inevitable destination of many who want a family vacation in a quiet harbour.
There is also a modern ACI marina full of luxury yachts under the watchful eye of the church - fortress St. Marija and a watchtower Kaštilac from 1571 years, Škojić - small island in the heart of town formed by leveling and filling rocks -now made as a small park, fisherman´s museum dedicated to traditional island fishing , many restaurants with big range of specialities of dalmatian cuisine.
"Big bridge " divides this quiet oasis on the Big and Small bank.
From Small bank you can walk until the famous beach " Soline " , from the Big bank beside Aci marina to Jelsa ,walking along the sea and the shade of fragrant pine trees.
All those who are visiting this place will have more reason to come back and enjoy the picturesque bay of Vrboska in its opulent splendor and calm beauty.

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