Korčula town


 The town of Korčula is a touristic , economic and cultural center of the island.

It is one of the better-preserved medieval towns on the Mediterranean , which rises to the elevated peninsula,whose town plan is irresistibly reminiscent of  a fishbone.

According to legend, which  stays in the inscription on the western gate, the founder of the island colony was Trojan Antenor , and the second version Eneja himself.

Located on commercial sea routes ,it  has always attracted travelers and settlers.

Its Statute was adopted in 1214  and is one of the oldest legal documents in this part of Europe.

In the same century there was born the famous traveler and explorer Marco Polo, whose native house is frequently visited by many tourists .

Korčula has  born more famous sailors, shipbuilders, architects, sculptors and artists.

With the remnants of the Romanesque style in architecture of Korčula dominated by Gothic and Renaissanse , construction by  walls and towers surrounded city ,was finished.

Among the valuable monuments and institutions you can visit the Municipal Museum, Abbatial treasury, Icon Collections , painting galleries and old churches in which are priceless works of art from Jacopo Tintoretto to Leandro Basson.

Today Korčula, Little Dubrovnik as many call it,  gives you a lot for great holiday activities such as sports, sailing, enjoying the indigenous delicacies and wines, excursions and a stormy night life.

One of the symbols is certainly Moreška, a medieval Korčula dance with swords-a great love story that will awake this same love in you when you walk through the  streets and walls of this beautiful town.

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