Vela Luka


 Vela Luka is located on the west side of the island of Korčula. Situated at the bottom of a large , deep cut and  large bay, divided into many small virgin bays whose shores are covered with vineyards, olive groves,fig and pine  trees gently down toward the sea.

A destination where you will feel the air filled with the smell of the sea  and the Mediterranean . A place where you can  meet people  in whose veins the blood flows a song, where you can experience the serenity birth of a new day in the morning as the bay fills with  its lonely fishermen in  their boats.

A place of artists , painters, sculptors , poets and poems, happiness and fun, spontaneous gatherings of choirs singing to foster and preserve the primeval Dalmatian song.

During the summer months you can visit the restaurants , taverns and rural households where you can enjoy  the authentic ambiance and  traditional Vela Luka cuisine.


A Favorite and for its beauty well-known resorts are Proizd and Ošjak- islands of love with beautiful beaches (Proizd was the number one  beach in Croatia 2007).

During religious and state holidays you can attend the performance of the old knight game Kumpanija, arised from organized national army which defended the island in past centuries.

All of this and much more are the reasons to board a ship and together with the breath of summer maestral  sail to Vela Luka arms.


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