How to book?


1. Choose a search method, enter your requirements and click Search button.

You can choose out accommodation units by placing them into «My choice» and  make a reservation from that part or directly from the page of chosen accommodation unit.
In order to make a reservation by web site, You have to register first (enter your personal details).

2. After we inform you (by e-mail) that requested accommodation unit is available  in the required time period,  You should confirm the reservation until given  target date by payment  (copy of payment or reservation form).

In order to speed up the reservation procedure, please send a copy of payment by fax on our number 00385 (0)21 761 005 or  by e-mail to our address

3. After receiving You  confirmation for booking (copy of payment or reservation form) we will confirm a reservation by sending a voucher to You. All details like: address, accommodation unit, details about payment are in voucher.

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Methods of payment:
- Bank transfer
- Credit card
Americanexpress Diners Mastercard Visa
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