Winery Tomić

Throughout the centuries of rich and turbulent history , people on island Hvar cultivated their vineyards with great skill and care, blessed with the lushness of Mediterranean.
Grapes and wine gave them safety, food and medicine.

They grew the best local varieties, but the challenge to decant all the harmony of top wines, still remained.
The owner of the winery was born on island Hvar and  dedicated his whole life to wine. A man who came back after 20 years absence and training in the profession, to produce its own high quality wines, to develop wine culture and to continue the tradition of his forebears.
Each bottle is filled with the spirit of the island which make you feel the luxury of the exceptional  taste it provides.
A special attraction is the underground winery , built of and carved out stone, made for wine tasting and enjoying in wine like the Romans did.
Visit and enjoy the wines and delicacies served in the winery Tomić will surely satisfy your expectations as well as excellent lovers or connoisseurs of this precious culture.


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