Island Ugljan


On the North of Dalmatia opposite  city Zadar as administrative and cultural center of this area, only few miles away is island UGLJAN.

 Because of its lush vegetation characterized by dense underbrush , numerous vineyards and olive groves , from  ancient times it  is known as the  GREEN ISLAND.

Man was  here a  long time ago which is evidenced by numerous archaeological sites and mentioned as an island of LISSA by Pliny himself.


Its beauty and proximity were the reason why many famous noble  families had their villas and castles here.

Today hospitable inhabitants are engaged mainly with  agriculture , fishing and of course tourism.

The north side of the island is inhabited and the biggest places are Preko, Kali and Ugljan , while the south side is still an untouched paradise for many adventurers and divers.

We believe that this beautiful island will meet your expectations as a chosen destination for relaxation and entertainment.

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